The following abbreviations for sources are not exhaustive. As research progresses and new sources are used they will, of course, be added to the list.  For a more complete description click on the link to Sources.


Birth/Baptism, Death/Burial, Marriage Registers

CIREG = Church of Ireland Protestant Registers
E&WBDM = England & Wales BDM + register number
EPCEM = East Perth Cemetery
FGRV = Find A Grave Website
FSLDS = Family Search, Church of Latter Day Saints + film number + image number
IREBDM = Ireland BDM + register number
LMA = London Metropolitan Archives + register number
METCEM = Metropolitan Cemeteries Board WA
NLIREG = National Library of Ireland RC Registers
NSWBDM = New South Wales BDM + register number
QLDBDM = Queensland BDM + register number
SABDM = South Australia BDM + register number
SCTBDM = Scotland BDM + register number
TASBDM = Tasmania BDM + register number
VICBDM = Victoria BDM + register number
WABDM = Western Australia BDM + register number
WACEN = Western Australian Census + year + page number

War Office

WO12 = Muster Books and Pay Lists General + Piece & Folio
WO17 = Monthly Returns + Piece & Folio
WO22 = Chelsea Hospital Out-Pension Returns + Piece & Folio
WO23 = Chelsea Hospital Admission Books and Registers + Piece & Folio
WO28 = General Orders HQ + Piece & Folio
WO86 = District Courts Martial Home and Abroad + Piece & Folio
WO97 = Chelsea Hospital Soldiers Service Documents + Piece & Folio
WO100 = Campaign Medal & Award Rolls + Piece & Folio
WO131=Chelsea Hospital Soldiers Deferred Penssion Documents + Piece & Folio/Page


WASRO = Western Australia State Records Office + Cons or Acc number
NAA = National Archives of Australia
TNA = The National Archives, Kew
TROVE = National Library of Australia Newspaper Archive
BPP=British Parliamentary Papers + year & State
WAPHS = Western Australia Police Historical Society Inc.


BARK = David Barker: Warders and Gaolers Dictionary + page number
BENT = Mollie Bentley + page number
BERRY = Ian Berryman: A Colony Detailed + page number
BLKB = Geoff Blackburn: Conquest and Settlement + page number
COATE = Loney Graves of Western Australia & Burials at Sea + page number
CHAP = Barry & Margaret Chapman: Australia’s Red Coat Regiments
DENN = Walter Dennison: 63rd Regiment in WA + page number
DPS = Perth Dead Persons (DPS) Society Website
EDJ = Royal WA Historical Society: Early Days Journal + Vol, No, Year
ELLO = Gerald J Ellott: 12th Regiment of Foot (East Suffolk) + page number
ERIC = Rica Erickson: Western Australian Bicentennial Dictionary + page number
ERICOTN = Rica Erickson: Old Toodyay and Newcastle +page number
ERRI = Dr Steve Errington: Early Gaol Register Project (in progress)
HILT = Dr Phillip J Hilton: Branded on the Left Side (Thesis 2010) + page number
HITCH = J K Hitchcock: The History of Fremantle + page number
IRWIN = State and Position of Western Australia + page number
LARB = Ken Larbelestier + page number
MSJ = M S James: A Superior Body of Men + page number
PASH = A R (Don) Pashley: Policing Our State Index
STAT = Pamela Statham: Dictionary of Western Australians + page number
SWEE = John Sweetman: The Military Establishment & Penal Settlement at King George Sound + page number
TUCK = Trevor Tuckfield: Early Colonial Inns and Taverns
WHIT = E S & C G S Whiteley: The Military Establishment in WA + page number
WHIT-STAT = as above acknowledging Pamela Statham’s Appendix 1 + page
WHIT-ROSS = as above acknowledging Ken Ross’s Appendix 2 + page
WILL = Jen Willetts: Free Settler or Felon