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The websites and other forms of publishing below have been used as sources for the information on this website. They are excellent resources for discovering more about the Redcoats who came to Western Australia in the 19th Century. You will find a list here of Source Abbreviations used in this website.


Books and Journals

    • 12th Regiment of Foot (East Suffolk): 1st Battalion in Australasia 1854-1867, Gerald J Ellott.
    • 12th Regiment of Foot (East Suffolk): Service in Australia and New Zealand 1854-1867, Ken Larbelestier.
    • The Army in Australia 1840-50, M Austin.
    • The Bicentennial Dictionary of Western Australia, Rica Erickson.
    • A Colony Detailed: the first Census of Western Australia, 1832, Ian Berryman.
    • Conquest and Settlement: the 21st Regiment in Western Australia 1833-1840, Geoff Blackburn.
    • Dictionary of Western Australians Vol. 1, Pamela Statham.
    • Early Days, Journal and Proceedings, Royal Western Australian Historical Society Inc.
    • Finding the Family Red Coat, Neil C Smith.
    • Grandfather was a policeman: the Western Australia Police Force 1829-1889, Mollie Bentley.
    • A Guide to the Regiments and Corps of the British Army, J M Brereton.
    • The History of Fremantle: The Front Gate of Australia, 1829-1929, J K Hitchcock.
    • Lonely Graves of Western Australia & Burials at Sea, Yvonne and Kevin Coate.
    • Medals: The Researcher’s Guide, William Spencer.
    • Medal Yearbook 2014, John W Mussell and ‘Medal News’.
    • The Military Establishment and Penal Settlement at King George Sound, J Sweetman.
    • The Military Establishment In Western Australia 1829-1863, E S Whiteley & C G S Whiteley.
    • My Ancestor was in the British Army, Michael J & Christopher T Watts.
    • Old Toodyay and Newcastle, Rica Erickson.
    • The Records and Badges of Every Regiment and Corps in the British Army, Henry Manners Chichester and George Burges-Short.
    • The Remote Garrison: The British Army in Australia 1788-1870, Peter Stanley.
    • The Round House 1831 to 1856, Steve Errington.
    • A Short History of 63rd of Foot in Western Australia 1829-1833, Walter Dennison.
    • Settlement to City: a history of the Armadale district and its people, Jennie and Bevan Carter.
    • State and Position of Western Australia, Captain Fredk. Chidley Irwin, 63rd Regiment.
    • A Superior Body of Men, M S James.
    • Warders and Gaolers: A Dictionary of Western Australian Prison Officers 1829-1879, David J. Barker.
    • Western Australian Census of York 1859, courtesy of Brady Family Tree in Western Australia.

Archival References

  • Australian Joint Copying Project (AJCP), Battye Library, Western Australia and National Library of Australia (online)
  • Passenger Arrivals in WA 1839-1890, West Australian Genealogical Society.
  • Royal Hospital Chelsea: Soldiers Service Documents, National Archives, Kew.
  • Western Australian Census 1837, Colonial Secretary’s Office, Battye Library, Perth.


The majority of the images on this website are out of copyright or are from Wikipedia Commons, but where they are not, the source has been identified if possible.