Redcoats Who Died in Service

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The following Redcoats died in the Colony while still serving in the Army. In some ways they also ‘settled’ in Western Australia in that it became their permanent home. Dates of death or burial tend to be somewhat ‘fluid’. However, in most instances the WO12 Army Musters & Pay Lists have been used as the preferred source.

William Banks 39th Regiment Memorial Plaque at Albany
21st Regiment of Foot Colours
Captain Richard Daniell Burial Record
51st Regimental Badge
Captain Harry Rolles Burial Record

Records of the first four burials in the Swan River Colony – three of which are soldiers in the 63rd Regiment of Foot [FSLDS Film 720553-190]
Lieutenant Theophilus Oliver’s Funeral
July 1862 [excerpt Perth Gazette]
Three untimely deaths of 63rd Regiment troops [WO12-7263-161]
Private James Brady, 21st Regiment – a bizarre death [Perth Gazette 2 Feb 1839]
SurnameForenameRankRegimentDate of Death or BurialPlace of DeathCause of Death
ArmstrongCharles FrederickLieutenant21st Foot26 Aug 1838VasseExposure in the bush
AstleyDanielPrivate51st Foot04 May 1844PinjarrahApoplexy
BanksWilliamPrivate39th Foot08 Mar 1827King George SoundNot recorded
BarnettAndrewPrivate63rd Foot22 Jan 1830PerthNot recorded
BarryJamesPrivate21st Foot02 Jul 1839PerthAbscess on the lungs
BeechamP WilliamPrivate96th FootNov 1847YorkDrowned [Erickson only not on 96th Pay List]
BradyJamesPrivate21st Foot28 Jan 1839PinjarrahSuffocation – swallowed a live fish
BrookeJamesPrivate51st Foot25 Apr 1845PerthCancer of the stomach
BrownAlexanderColour Sergeant99th Foot07 Nov 1851Perth
BrownGeorgePrivate96th Foot19 Dec 1847Australind/BunburyDrowned
BudgeGeorgePrivate63rd Foot06 Aug 1832Murray RiverKilled by Aborigines
BurkeFrancisPrivate63rd Foot15 Feb 1830PerthIn hospital
BurkeWalterPrivate63rd Foot24 Apr 1831Cockburn SoundDrowned
CarrollThomasPrivate51st Foot19 Jan 1845PerthNot recorded
ClaytonJohnPrivate51st Foot23 Feb 1841Lost in bush
CollieAlexanderSurgeonRN11Nov 1836AlbanyTuberculosis
ConwayMichaelSergeant21st Foot05 Dec 1835AlbanyDrowned
CowellRobertPrivate51st Foot07 Nov 1840Lost in bush
CrearWilliamPrivate21st Foot19 Aug 1834PerthAccidentally killed
DaltonJohnPrivate51st Foot18 Aug 1846YorkDrowned crossing Avon
DaniellRichardCaptain21st Foot07 Aug 1835PerthApoplexy
DenhamWilliamPrivate96th Foot10 Oct 1847YorkDrowned
DonneganJohnPrivate12th Foot13 Nov 1858PerthNot recorded
DuffettJamesPrivate51st Foot26 Dec 1845BunburySuicide
EmeryThomasPrivate99th Foot01 Jan 1856PerthNot recorded
FarmerThomasPrivate63rd Foot23 Feb 1832Swan RiverDrowned – flats above Perth
FitzpatrickThomasPrivate21st Foot13 May 1839PerthGeneral Debility
FlynnJohnPrivate12th Foot14 Apr 1858PerthIn hospital
FranklinJohnPrivate96th Foot10 Sep 1848MurrayDrowned
GilbertJohnPrivate21st Foot19 Sep 1833PerthNot recorded
GodfreyJohnPrivate63rd Foot10 Nov 1829FremantleDrowned
GrantWilliamPrivate99th Foot25 Apr 1849PerthFever
GreenIsaacPrivate21st Foot27 May 1837BeverleySpear wounds
HickmanHenryPrivate63rd Foot09 Jun 1831PerthIn hospital
Hofton/HoftenRichardPrivate51st Foot05 Apr 1842Pinjarrah
HoldenWilliamColour Sergeant51st Foot14 Oct 1840At Sea ChampionDrowned
HoranJamesPrivate99th Foot02 Dec 1850PerthNot recorded
JeffreyJamesPrivate12th Foot10 Dec 1856UnknownDrowned
JonesThomasPrivate63rd Foot23 Apr 1831King George SoundNot recorded
JonesGeorgePrivate21st Foot17 Jan 1834AlbanySuffocation in black hole
LarkinDenisPrivate21st Foot04 May 1834Upper SwanSpeared by natives
MabbottGeorgePrivate51st Foot25 Dec 1843YorkDrowned
MagillJohn NapierLieutenant96th Foot31 May 1848GuildfordLost in bush and perished
MaloneyEdwardPrivate63rd Foot01 May 1831PerthFound dead in Barracks
MaybeyGeorgePrivate12th Foot10 Jun 1861PerthIn hospital
McDermottEdwardPrivate99th Foot05 Jun 1853PerthIn hospital
McDermott-RoeEdwardPrivate21st Foot05 Apr 1834PerthPhthisis Pulmonalis
McDonnellJohnPrivate21st Foot02 Oct 1833PerthNot recorded
McKayJohnPrivate21st Foot10 Apr 1838PerthSuicide by drowning
McLaughlanJohnPrivate21st Foot31 Dec 1836Coulston, Upper SwanDrowned
McMahonMichaelPrivate63rd Foot10 May 1830Swan RiverNot recorded
MitchellJohnPrivate63rd Foot05 Jan 1830PerthDropsy
MooreJamesColour Sergeant12th Foot10 Jun 1858PerthIn hospital
MurphyAndrewPrivate99th Foot31 Aug 1850Champion Bay
NesbittHughPrivate21st Foot16 Jul 1834Murray RiverSpeared by natives
OliverTheophilus John HenryLieutenant12th Foot05 Jul 1862Swan RiverDrowned
PhillipsGeorgePrivate99th Foot21 Feb 1853PerthAccidentally shot
RiddleRobertPrivate21st Foot07 Mar 1838AlbanyBursting blood vessel
RiellyJohnPrivate21st Foot02 Jul 1837PerthSuicide
RollesHarryCaptain51st Foot21 Aug 1841PerthShort illness not recorded
RussellThomasPrivate99th Foot30 Sep 1855PerthNot recorded
RyanTerencePrivate63rd Foot04 Jan 1834PerthExcessive drinking
SchofieldLawrencePrivate99th Foot12 May 1855PerthNot recorded
SmithRobertPrivate21st Foot28 May 1838YorkDrowned
StarlingAbrahamPrivate12th Foot08 Sep 1857PerthHeart attack
SteelWilliamPrivate63rd Foot19 Jan 1833PerthSuffocation –  excessive drinking
TurnbullJohnPrivate51st Foot24 Nov 1843Upper Swan – On CommandDrowned
WalshMichaelPrivate51st Foot10 Mar 1845YorkNot recorded
WilliamsWilliamPrivate21st Foot03 Jul 1835KelmscottNot recorded
WoolfallJohnPrivate51st Foot02 Mar 1841King George SoundNot recorded
YatesSamuelPrivate12th Foot15 Jan 1859PerthNot recorded