The following Redcoats died in the Colony while still serving in the Army. In some ways they also
‘settled’ in Western Australia in that it became their permanent home. Dates of death or burial tend to be somewhat ‘fluid’. However, in most instances the WO12 Army Musters & Pay Lists have been used as the preferred source.


Surname Forename Rank Regiment Date of Death or Burial Place of Death Cause of Death
Armstrong Charles Frederick Lieutenant 21st Foot 26 Aug 1838 Vasse Exposure in the bush
Astley Daniel Private 51st Foot 04 May 1844 Pinjarrah Apoplexy
Banks William Private 39th Foot 08 Mar 1827 King George Sound Not recorded
Barnett Andrew Private 63rd Foot 22 Jan 1830 Perth Not recorded
Barry James Private 21st Foot 02 Jul 1839 Perth Abscess on the lungs
Beecham P William Private 96th Foot Nov 1847 York Drowned
Brady James Private 21st Foot 28 Jan 1839 Pinjarrah Suffocation – swallowed a live fish
Brooke James Private 51st Foot 25 Apr 1845 Perth Cancer of the stomach
Brown Alexander Colour Sergeant 99th Foot 07 Nov 1851 Perth
Brown George Private 96th Foot 19 Dec 1847 Australind/Bunbury Drowned
Budge George Private 63rd Foot 06 Aug 1832 Murray River Killed by Aborigines
Burke Francis Private 63rd Foot 15 Feb 1830 Perth In hospital
Burke Walter Private 63rd Foot 24 Apr 1831 Cockburn Sound Drowned
Carroll Thomas Private 51st Foot 19 Jan 1845 Perth Not recorded
Clayton John Private 51st Foot 23 Feb 1841 Lost in bush
Collie Alexander Surgeon RN 11Nov 1836 Albany Tuberculosis
Conway Michael Sergeant 21st Foot 05 Dec 1835 Albany Drowned
Cowell Robert Private 51st Foot 07 Nov 1840 Lost in bush
Crear William Private 21st Foot 19 Aug 1834 Perth Accidentally killed
Dalton John Private 51st Foot 18 Aug 1846 Upper Swan Drowned crossing Avon
Daniell Richard Captain 21st Foot 07 Aug 1835 Perth Apoplexy
Denham William Private 96th Foot 10 Oct 1847 York Drowned
Donnegan John Private 12th Foot 13 Nov 1858 Perth Not recorded
Duffett James Private 51st Foot 26 Dec 1845 Bunbury Suicide
Emery Thomas Private 99th Foot 01 Jan 1856 Perth Not recorded
Farmer Thomas Private 63rd Foot 23 Feb 1832 Swan River Drowned
Fitzpatrick Thomas Private 21st Foot 13 May 1839 Perth General Debility
Flynn John Private 12th Foot 14 Apr 1858 Perth In hospital
Franklin John Private 96th Foot 10 Sep 1848 Murray Drowned
Gilbert John Private 21st Foot 19 Sep 1833 Perth Not recorded
Godfrey John Private 63rd Foot 10 Nov 1829 Fremantle Drowned
Grant William Private 99th Foot 25 Apr 1849 Perth Fever
Green Isaac Private 21st Foot 27 May 1837 Beverley Spear wounds
Hickman Henry Private 63rd Foot 09 Jun 1831 Perth In hospital
Hoften Richard Private 51st Foot 05 Apr 1841 Pinjarrah
Holden William Colour Sergeant 51st Foot 14 Oct 1840 At Sea Champion Drowned
Horan James Private 99th Foot 02 Dec 1850 Perth Not recorded
Jeffrey James Private 12th Foot 10 Dec 1856 Unknown Drowned
Jones Thomas Private 63rd Foot 23 Apr 1831 King George Sound Not recorded
Jones George Private 21st Foot 17 Jan 1834 Albany Suffocation in black hole
Larkin Denis Private 21st Foot 04 May 1834 Upper Swan Speared by natives
Mabbott George Private 51st Foot 25 Dec 1843 York Drowned
Magill John Napier Lieutenant 96th Foot 31 May 1848 Guildford Lost in bush and perished
Maloney Edward Private 63rd Foot 01 May 1831 Perth Found dead in Barracks
Maybey George Private 12th Foot 10 Jun 1861 Perth In hospital
McDermott Edward Private 99th Foot 05 Jun 1853 Perth In hospital
McDermott-Roe Edward Private 21st Foot 05 Apr 1834 Perth Phthisis Pulmonalis
McDonnell John Private 21st Foot 02 Oct 1833 Perth Not recorded
McKay John Private 21st Foot 10 Apr 1838 Perth Suicide by drowning
McLaughlan John Private 21st Foot 31 Dec 1836 Coulston, Upper Swan Drowned
McMahon Michael Private 63rd Foot 10 May 1830 Swan River Not recorded
Mitchell John Private 63rd Foot 05 Jan 1830 Swan River
Moore James Colour Sergeant 12th Foot 10 Jun 1858 Perth In hospital
Murphy Andrew Private 99th Foot 31 Aug 1850 Champion Bay
Nesbitt Hugh Private 21st Foot 16 Jul 1834 Murray River Speared by natives
Oliver Theophilus John Henry Lieutenant 12th Foot 05 Jul 1862 Swan River Drowned
Phillips George Private 99th Foot 21 Feb 1853 Perth Accidentally shot
Riddle Robert Private 21st Foot 07 Mar 1838 Albany Bursting blood vessel
Rielly John Private 21st Foot 02 Jul 1837 Perth Suicide
Rolles Harry Captain 51st Foot 21 Aug 1841 Perth Short illness not recorded
Ryan Terence Private 63rd Foot 04 Jan 1834 Perth Excessive drinking
Smith Robert Private 21st Foot 28 May 1838 York Drowned
Starling Abraham Private 12th Foot 08 Sep 1857 Perth Heart attack
Steel William Private 63rd Foot 19 Jan 1833 Perth Suffocation –  excessive drinking
Turnbull John Private 51st Foot 24 Nov 1843 Upper Swan Drowned
Walsh Michael Private 51st Foot 10 Mar 1845 York Not recorded
Williams William Private 21st Foot 03 Jul 1835 Kelmscott Not recorded
Woolfall John Private 51st Foot 02 Mar 1841 King George Sound Not recorded
Yates Samuel Private 12th Foot 15 Jan 1859 Perth Not recorded