John Sale birth year, place and occupation 1832

Desertion 25 Jun 1833 Chatham [WO86-1-252]
Catherine Sale on Convict Ship Canton Sick List [ADM101-15-9]
Arrival at Hobart on Canton 12 Jan 1840
Arrival in WA of Java February 1847

Report of Larceny Trial 3 April 1851
Commandant’s General Orders 25 Aug 1851: Discharge for John Sale and other from 99th Regiment attached [WO28-266-135]

Report of John Sale captured after escape to Cape Riche 30 Sep 1851
NAME: John SALEName variations: Sales
Birth Date and Placec. 1814 Wanstead, Essex, England (see document left sidebar).
Baptism Date and Place
Marriage Date and Place
SpouseCatherine TROTTER [WABDM Reg.#1398 in 2nd marriage to James (Peter) Covert 1859].
ChildrenElizabeth Jane b.1839 Great Bolton, Bolton Le Moors, Lancashire [Parish Register Entry No. 1950].
Ellen b.1841 Norfolk Island – no verification. [Sydney NSW Pay List WO12-9613-10 #691 John Sale, detached Norfolk Island].
(Mary Ann and/or Catherine – no verification) Unnamed female(s) b.1843, Launceston, Van Diemen’s Land [RGD33-1-23-P733].
John Sale b.1847 (d. 1 day old) Albany, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.# 975 & 269].
James Jones b.1848 Albany, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.#1215].
OccupationsLabourer [see document left sidebar].
General Servant 1851 [Perth Gazette 5 Apr 1851].
Land Acquisition in WANone.
Death Date and Place
Burial Date and Place
Death, Funeral, Obituary Notices
Will and ProbateNone.
Regiment96th Regiment of Foot.
Soldier No. and Rank#691 Private.
Enlistment Date and Placec. 1832 Chatham, Kent – not verified.
Service/CampaignsAustralian Colonies including Norfolk Island – 11 years.
Medals, Clasps and BadgesNone
Casualty/MedicalUnfit for service in India and worn out [WO28-266-101].
Regimental Courts Martial2 May 1832 Charge and Sentence unknown.
Other Unknown – service records ‘lost’ [WO28-266-101].
District Courts Martial25 Apr 1833 Chatham. Charge: Desertion. Sentence: Two months imprisonment [WO86-1-240].
25 Jun 1833 Chatham. Charge: Desertion. Sentence: 200 lashes [WO86-1-252].
General Courts MartialNone prior to Australia.
Arrival Australia: Ship and DateCanton. Embarked 5 Sep 1839 Deptford.
Dep. 22 Sep 1839 Portsmouth. Arr. 12 Jan 1840 Hobart, VDL.
Dep. 27 Jan 1840 Hobart. Arr. 8 Feb 1840 Port Jackson, NSW.
Arrival Western Australia: Ship and DateJava 24 Feb 1847 from Hobart, embarked 27 Jan 1847, disembarked 14 Feb 1847 [WO12-9620-336].
Military Postings within Western AustraliaKing George’s Sound Feb & Mar 1847
Albany 1 Apr 1847 to 31 Mar 1849 inc. six days in hospital in February and On Guard in March.
[All sourcing WO12-9620 TO 9622.  1 Apr to 18 May 1849 Musters & Pay Lists not extant in WA when regiment left for India].
Civil Courts in Western Australia3 Apr 1851 Quarter Sessions. Charge: Stealing barley and oats, property of W Mitchell, Jun. in February 1851.
Sentence: Two years imprisonment with hard labour [Perth Gazette 4 Apr 1851].
8 Oct 1851, Round House [Errington]. Charge: Escaping from Perth road gang. Recaptured (see sidebar). Released: 14 May 1852.
Discharge Date and Place15 May 1849 General Order (conditional) [WO-266-101]. Furlough June 1849 attached 99th [WO12-9813-8]
31 Aug 1851 General Order [WO28-266-135]; Pay List 99th Detachment recorded with ‘disability’ [WO12-9817-50].
Age at Dischargec. 37 years.
Length of Servicec. 19 years.
Chelsea Pension ReferenceNone – service records ‘lost’. Possible Parchment Certificate issued while imprisoned? [WO28-266-135].
Pension District
Pension Amount


I was sent the article written about James Jones Sale in the ‘Streets of East Fremantle’ website which contained the reference to ‘Albany Memories’ in the West Australian newspaper dated 7 March 1936.

John Sale’s youngest child led an exciting and enterprising life and told his story well. But there were some serious flaws in the brief mention he made of his father. John Sale did not hold a commission in the Inniskillin [sic] Dragoons, nor serve in that cavalry regiment at all. But most importantly, for those following the story of this family, Private John Sale of the 96th Regiment did not die six months before his son James was born in 1848. And although I have been unable to find a record of John Sale’s death in Australia, it is clear from the above profile that he was alive, serving in the 96th Regiment detachment in Western Australia until March 1849, thereafter attached to the 99th detachment when he was waiting for his discharge from the Army. Plenty happened to him after that. But then, we all believe what we are told by our families … genealogists beware.

All that I have discovered about John Sale is well documented unless I have marked the record ‘no verification’. However, there are some mysteries remaining: how did his service record get lost?; why is he the only soldier on this list (below) not in receipt of discharge to pension documents (WO97) when he clearly satisfied the criteria?

Commandant’s General Orders 14 May 1849 [WO28-266-101]

The only man who chose to return to England was Edward Dobbs. He received his pension until he died in Preston, Lancashire in 1871.

The last record I can find of John Sale in Western Australia is on 15 May 1852, when he quite understandably got drunk the day after he was released from the Round House on 14 May. It must have been a fine celebration to have been worth the other ‘fine’!

Inquirer 9 Jun 1852

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