PUSEY William

51st Regiment Badge
96th Regiment Badge
Sick List, Surgeon’s Journal
Pusy (sic) Toodyay Native Police Constable
Confirmation of Discharge from Army
Dobson (Pusey) Family

Pusey the Farmer
Pusey the Poundkeeper
Pusey the Wine Seller
Obituary [West Australian 3 Aug 1899]
Pusey Headstone [East Perth Cemetery]
NAME William PUSEYName variations: William Dobson Pusey, Pucie, Pusy.
Birth Date and Placec.1816 [deduced WO12-6200-112], Reading, Berkshire, England – not verified [Death certificate].
Baptism Date and Place
Marriage Date and Place1845 Perth, Western Australia  [WABDM Reg.#146 as DOBSON].
SpouseSarah ELLISTON (var. Elleston, Elston, Harrison).
ChildrenElizabeth b. 1845 Toodyay [WABDM Reg.#657].
Phoebe Sarah b. 1851 Perth [WABDM Reg.#1794].
Thomas b. 1853 Perth [WABDM Reg.#2068].
Dorcas b. 1855 Perth [WABDM Reg.#2765].
Ellen b. 1857 Perth [WABDM Reg.#3775].
Emily b. 1858 Perth [WABDM Reg.#4325].
Jane b. 1860 Perth [WABDM Reg. #5325A].
William James b. 1862 Perth [WABDM Reg.#6547].
Eliza b. 1864 Perth [WABDM Reg.#7711].
Isaac b. 1866 Perth [WABDM Reg.#9206].
Walter b. 1868 Perth [WABDM Reg.#10634].
Abigail Rose b. 1871 Perth [WABDM Reg.#12869].
OccupationsNative Police Constable (1842).
Farmer (1849).
Wine Seller (1875).
Pound Keeper (1881).
Land Acquisition in WAFurther research required.
Death Date and Place31 Jul 1899 Newcastle Street, Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.1818].
Burial Date and Place01 Aug 1899 East Perth Cemetery, Western Australia [EPCEM].
Section: Church of England. Grave ID: 621.
Death, Funeral, Obituary NoticesWest Australian 1 Aug 1899 (death and funeral notices).
West Australian
3 Aug 1899 (obit). Inquirer and Commercial News 4 Aug 1899 (obit).
Will and ProbateNone.
Regiment51st (2nd Yorkshire West Riding) The Kings Own Light Infantry Regiment. 1 Apr 1847 transferred to
96th Regiment of Foot.
Soldier No. and Rank#1096 Private (51st).
#2019 Private (96th).
Enlistment Date and Place9 Aug 1837, Chatham HQ. Age 21 years.
Bounty paid to recruit £3 0s. 0d. [WO12-6200-112].
First Muster at Chatham HQ [WO12-6200-150].
Physical DescriptionHeight:  5 ft. 6½ ins. [WO12-6200-112].
Promotions or ReductionsNone.
Medals, Clasps and BadgesGood Conduct Badge 1d. per diem 20 Aug 1844 (51st Regiment) [WO12-6202-280].
Good Conduct Badge 2d. per diem 10 Aug 1847 (96th Regiment) [WO12-9622-173].
Arrival Van Diemen’s Land: Ship and DateMinerva. Embarked 17 May 1838, paid to 23 Sep 1838 [WO12-6200-239]. See Additional Details below.
Arr. 28 Sep 1838 from Sheerness, England dep. 28 May 1838 [DPS].
Arrival Western Australia: Ship and DateRunnymede 25 Jun 1840 from Hobart [TROVE].
Military Postings within Western Australia51st Regiment
York 25 Jun 1840 to 28 Feb 1843.  Note: from Nov 1842 to Feb 1843 at Toodyay under the supervision of
John Nicol Drummond in York [WASRO CSR 123-106 & Police Station Journals].
Toodyay 1 Mar 1843 to 30 Nov 1845 (except York in April, July, August and September 1843),
Perth HQ 10 Dec 1845 per General Order No. 4 [WO28-266-56] to 31 Mar 1847, inc. four months of Garrison Duty and Feb 1847 in York.
96th Regiment.
Toodyay 1 Apr 1847 to 31 May 1848.
York 1 Jun to 31 Jul 1848.
Toodyay 1 Aug 1848 to 14 May 1849 when in receipt of conditional discharge.
[All sourcing from WO12-6202 TO 6208 (51st) and WO12-9622 (96th].
Courts Martial in Western AustraliaNone.
Discharge Date and Place14 May 1849 Perth, Western Australia – Conditional [WO28-266-102].
1 Feb 1851 Horse Guards, Westminster, London.
1 Jul 1851 Commandant, Perth, Western Australia.
Discharge with Gratuity of £4 11s. 3d. [WO28-266-132].
Age at Discharge33 years [WO28-266-102].
Length of Service11 years 265 days [WO28-266-102].


This soldier, upon enlistment in the Army used the name William PUSEY. He continued to use the surname Pusey during his service at Chatham and when he embarked on a convict ship as a Guard.

Enlistment at Chatham August 1837

He was not on either of the Neptune voyages in 1837 as stated in many other sources. His enlistment in the British Army took place after these two (different) ships were already underway to the eastern colonies. Furthermore, William Pucie [sic] is recorded in the Surgeon Superintendent’s Journal on board Minerva on the Sick List and as Case Note No. 7. He had Hernia Humoralis (inflamation of the testicles) his treatment commencing on 22nd July and his discharge to duty on 31st July 1838 [ADM101-64-6A Folios 13, 14, 17 & 32].

Throughout his Army service in Van Diemen’s Land and the Swan River Colony, he continued to be known as Pusey, including his time as a soldier and Native Police constable in Toodyay.

He was known (by the Army) as Pusey at the time of his discharge in 1849.As details of Pusey’s birth and/or baptism are not yet verified, it is difficult to understand why he used the name DOBSON when he married, why all his children were registered in the name Dobson, and why the name William Dobson Pusey occurs in some records (but not all) subsequent to his discharge from the Army. We may speculate that his birth name was Pusey but he had a step father named Dobson, or vice versa; perhaps it was even an error made by the WA Registrar.  In the meantime his Army records suggest he was born in 1816 and his birthplace remains only as a record on his death certificate – documents known for their unreliability. Pusey seems to be his favoured surname in newsprint (see examples in the left sidebar).

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