Richard NORRISH Name variations: None encountered.
Birth Date and Place 1812 Chelsea, Westminster, London, England – not verified.
Baptism Date and Place 30 Mar 1814 St Thomas the Apostle Church, Exeter, Devon [SW Heritage Trust].
Marriage Date and Place 17 Sep 1834 Bandon, Cork, Ireland [NLIREG].
Spouse Honora REGAN.
Children Richard Thomas b. 1835 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland – not verified.
William b. 1836 (d.1836) Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland – not verified.
Thomas Richard b. 1837 Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland – not verified.
William b. 1839 Haydock, Lancashire, England [Wigan Archive Service].
Josiah b. 1841 Exeter, Devon, England – not verified.
George b. 1844 Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Anna Marie b. 1846 Tasmania, Australia – not verified.
John b. 1848 1848 Albany, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.1165].
Matilda Mary b. 1850 Kojonup, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.1489].
[Sources: birth/baptism records ‘not verified’ above have been deduced from other sources, e.g. marriage, death, burial records, CHAP, ERIC, STAT, etc.]
Occupations Clerk.
Land Acquisition in WA Kojonup Locations of 10 acres (1855), 20 acres (1857), 40 acres (1868) [ERIC p.2333].
Purchased Pastoral Lease from John Hassell [State Heritage Council Place No. 10613]. See side bar for Kojonup Map [WASRO].
Death Date and Place 11 Jan 1871 Warkalup, Kojonup, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.4857].
Burial Date and Place January 1871 Buried on Warkalup Property with his wife [Plynth].
Memorial Kojonup Cemetery, Western Australia [Headstone].
Death, Funeral, Obituary Notices Inquirer & Commercial News 18 Jan 1871 [TROVE].
Will and Probate None.
Regiment 96th Regiment of Foot.
Soldier No. and Rank #683 Corporal.
Attestation Date and Place 7 Jan 1831 Westminster, Middlesex – not verified [CHAP].
Courts Martial Regimental Court Martial 20 Jul 1831 Desertion [Manchester & Lancashire FHS].
District Court Martial 14 Oct 1833, Guernsey [WO86-1-124]
Crime: Desertion. Sentence: 3 months Solitary. Additional Pay & Pension on discharge.
District Court Martial 15 Oct 1838, Dublin [WO86-3-135]
Crime: Theft. Sentence:  12 weeks hard labour; 28 days Solitary; stoppages.
Arrival Western Australia: Ship and Date Java 14 Feb 1847 from Hobart, embarked 27 Jan 1847 [WO12-9620-331].
Military Postings within Western Australia Kojonup Feb to Mar 1847 [WO12-9620-331].
Kojonup Apr 1847 to Mar 1848 [WO12-9622-7,33,55,79].
Kojonup Apr to Dec 1848 [WO12-9622-110, 140, 168].
Albany Jan 1849 [WO12-9622-196].
Perth Feb to Mar 1849 [WO12-9622-196].
Perth Apr to 14 May 1849 [deduced as WO12 9623 Musters & Pay Lists not extant in WA].
The detachment left for Calcutta on 18 May 1849 with the regiment [TROVE].
Courts Martial in Western Australia None.
Discharge Date and Place 14 May 1849 Perth, Western Australia – Conditional [WO28-266-102].
15 Feb 1851 Horse Guards, Westminster, London.
1 Jul 1851 Commandant, Perth, Western Australia.
Discharged with Gratuity of £24 6s. 8d. [WO28-266-132].
Age at Discharge 39 years [deduced].
Length of Service 20+ years [deduced].
The Western Australian State Library offers over 70 titles relating to the Norrish family – all of them leading back to Richard of the 96th detachment. The material takes the form of books, biographies, genealogies, interviews etc. Among those of interest are:

    • A ‘Certificate’ for Richard Norris which can be retrieved with Call No. Acc 1350A, for reference, not for loan. This is most likely his ‘Parchment Certificate’ issued on discharge.
    • Family Papers of Thomas Norrish 1837-1908.  There is a detailed listing of the contents in the Battye Library MN1119.
    • The Norrish Family 1847-1979, a book by Michael G N Hollier available from the 2nd floor Heritage Stack, Call No. Q B/NOR.

In addition there are over 200 Public Family Trees online at  But be aware that these are copied over and over by ancestry users, errors included!