Lady Raffles Surgeon’s Journal
Lady Raffles arrives in Hobart
Fletcher’s Discharge Details
East Perth Cemetery Headstone

John FLETCHERName variations: John Fletcher Randall.
Birth Date and Placec. 1821 Rochdale, Lancashire, England [EPCEM].
Baptism Date and Place
Marriage Date and Place1 Apr 1851 Perth, Western Australia [EPCEM].
SpouseMary Jane Trayhorn(e).
ChildrenMaria Cecelia b.1852 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #1860].
John Alexander b.1854 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #2445].
Catherine/Catharine b.1855 Perth, Western Australia [ERIC p.1075].
Edward b.1856 Perth, Western Australia [ERIC p.1075].
Hester/Hestor/Esther b.1859 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #4520].
Ann/Annie b.1861 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #5940].
Emma b.1863 Perth, Western Australia [ERIC p.1075].
Henry b.1866 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #9008].
Joseph Hamlet b.1866 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #10800].
George b.1870 Perth, Western Australia [ERIC p.1075].
Lewis James b.1872 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #14291].
Arthur b.1872 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #14291].
OccupationsCarter, WA Commissariat Department [ERIC p.1075, TROVE].
Land Acquisition in WA
Death Date and Place27 Jul 1910 245 James Street, Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. #393].
Cause of Death: Morbus Cordis.
Burial Date and Place29 Jul 1910 East Perth Cemetery, Western Australia [EPCEM].
Church of England. Grave No. 522.
Death, Funeral, Obituary NoticesWest Australian 29 Jul 1910 (obit); 1 Aug 1910 (funeral).
Western Mail 6 Aug 1910 (obit).
Will and ProbateWill and Probate:  To be advised. Supreme Court of Western Australia.
[WASRO Cons 3403-1910-166].
Regiment96th Regiment of Foot.
Soldier No. and Rank#1426 Private.
Enlistment Date and Place11 Jan 1840 Salford HQ [WO12-9611-186].
Age 18 years. Bounty paid to recruit £3 17s. 6d.
Physical DescriptionHeight: 5 ft. 6½ ins.
Arrival Van Diemen’s Land: Ship and DateLady Raffles
Dep. 2 Dec 1840 Portsmouth. Arr. 17 Mar 1841 Hobart (disembarked 19 Mar 1841) [WO12-9612-299].
Arrival Western Australia: Ship and DateJava 24 Feb 1847 from Hobart, embarked 27 Jan 1847 [WO12-9620-334].
Medals, Clasps and BadgesGood Conduct Badge with pay 1d. per diem, awarded prior to arrival in Western Australia [WO12-9620-335].
Military Postings within Western AustraliaPerth HQ 14 Feb 1847 to 18 May 1849 at which time the Regiment left for Calcutta (WO12-9624 Muster and Pay List not extant in Australia).
[All sources from WO12-9620 to 9622].
Courts Martial in Western AustraliaNone.
Discharge Date and Place14 May 1849 Perth, Western Australia – Conditional [WO28-266-102].
1 Feb 1851 Horse Guards, Westminster, London.
1 Jul 1851 Commandant, Perth, Western Australia.
Purchased Discharge for £4 0s. 0d. [WO28-266-132].
Age at Discharge27 years [WO28-266-102].
Length of Service9 years 137 days [WO28-266-102].