Corporal Joseph Davies at Canning 1840


Sergeant Joseph Davies at Kojonup 1843
Joseph Davies, as a newly promoted Sergeant, was posted to Kojonup Military Post in April 1843. He served in this district for three and a half years and would have been in charge of the construction of the soldiers’ barracks in 1845.
Sergeant Joseph Davies discharge 1847
Extract from convict ship Egyptian
Joseph DAVIESNote: Not to be confused with Private #828 Joseph Davies of 51st Regiment.
Birth Date and Placec. 1811 [deduced], Finmere, Buckinghamshire, England [WO12-6200-11].
Baptism Date and Place
Marriage Date and Place
OccupationsLabourer; Tinman [WO12-6208-184].
Land Acquisition in WA
Death Date and Place22 Mar 1851 York, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.443].
Burial Date and Place
Death, Funeral, Obituary Notices
Will and ProbateNone.
Regiment51st (2nd Yorkshire West Riding) The Kings Own Light Infantry.
Soldier No. and Rank#706 Corporal [WO12-6200-92].
Enlistment Date and Place
Medals, Clasps and BadgesGood Conduct Badge & Pay 1d. per diem from 22 Nov 1837 [WO12-6200-159].
Arrival Australia: Ship and DateEgyptian. Embarked at Chatham 23 Mar 1839, paid to 30 Jul 1839 [WO12-6200-550].
Arr. 23 Aug 1839 Hobart Town, dep. 9 Apr 1839 Sheerness, England [DPS].
See Additional Details (end of page) for information about a medical problem on board ship
[ADM 101-22-27].
Arrival Western Australia: Ship and DateRunnymede 25 Jun 1840 from Hobart [TROVE].
PromotionsPrivate to Corporal 1 Sep 1837 at Chatham [WO12-6200-92].
Corporal to Sergeant Jan 1843 at Narpund [WO12-6204-254].
Military Postings within Western AustraliaRegiment to Bunbury Jun 1840 [WO12-6202-50].
Canning Jul 1840 [WO12-6202-116].
Perth HQ Aug 1841 [WO12-206].
Leschenault Sep 1841 [WO12-206].
King Georges Sound – in receipt of Good Conduct Pay, Jul 1842 [WO12-6204-201].
Canning Oct 1842 [WO12-6204-227]. Narpund Jan 1843 [WO12-6204-254].
Kojonup Apr 1843 [WO12-6205-183]. King Georges Sound Nov 1844 [WO12-6206-305].
Kojonup Jan 1845 [WO12-6206-338]. Perth HQ Jan 1847 [WO12-6208-184].
Discharge Date and Place31 Mar 1847 Perth, Western Australia [WO12-6208-184].
Age at Discharge36 years [deduced].
Length of Service


Davies presented with a retention of urine with a stricture (a narrowing) 3½ inches from the mouth of the urethra. On 15th the Surgeon noted Davies had never had gonorrhoea and administered medication which gave partial relief to the bladder that night. On 16th the Surgeon passed through a no. 1 catheter which he kept in the stricture for a further day. On 18th he passed a no. 2 catheter retaining it for some time without inducing local irritation. Davies called the Surgeon’s attention to a small lump near the obstruction which he (Davies) said he felt. The Surgeon wrote that he could not say he was ‘sensible of it’, although from Davies’s correct habits he gave full consideration to his statements both regarding it and the absence of gonorrhoea previously.

On 23rd August, the ship having come into the harbour, he was handed to the care of Hobart Town Hospital comforts, passing urine in small [amounts through the stricture].