NAME John BOAG Name variations: Boague, Bogne, Bogue, Bouge
Birth Date and Place 1808 Husham/Hincham/Hingham?, Kent, England.
Baptism Date and Place
Marriage Date and Place 1 Jul 1839 Winwick, Lancashire, England.
Spouse Mary BRYAN.
Children Theresa b. 1844 Tasmania – not verified [ancestry tree].
Margaret b. 1846 Tasmania – not verified [ancestry tree].
John Joseph b. 1851 Perth, Western Australia – not verified [ERIC p.251].
Mary Elizabeth b. 1854 Perth, Western Australia WABDM Reg.2519].
Isabella b. 1851 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.4023].
Frederic William b. Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. 6178].
Amelia b.1862? Perth, Western Australia – not verified [ancestry tree].
Occupations Labourer.
Night Warder, Convict Establishment (1851) [BARK p.20].
Land Acquisition in WA
Death Date and Place 19 Jul 1890 Lord Street, Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.316 as Bogne].
Burial Date and Place 20 Jul 1890 East Perth Cemetery, Western Australia [EPCEM].
Death, Funeral, Obituary Notices Daily News 19 (funeral), 21 (death) Jul 1890.
Inquirer and Commerical News 23 Jul 1890.
WA Record 24 Jul 1890 (see Additional Details below).
Will and Probate Will: 17 Feb 1890. Probate: 1 Sep 1890. Supreme Court of Western Australia.
[WASRO Cons 3403-1890-0970].
Regiment 96th Regiment of Foot.
Attached to 99th Regiiment of Foot effective 1 Jun 1849 to 31 Aug 1851, being
on furlough and awaiting final discharge approval [WO12-9813-8].
Soldier No. and Rank #69 Private.
Attestation Date and Place 9 Feb 1824 Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland (underage) [WO97-2323-007].
Physical Description Height: 5 ft. 6½ ins. Complexion: sallow.  Eyes: blue. Hair: dark brown.
Service/Campaigns North America 9 years.
Australia 7 years.
Promotions None.
Medals, Clasps and Badges None.
Casualty/Medical Worn out and unfit for service in India. There is no reason to believe that his incapacity has been caused by any misconduct on his part. Signed by R V De Lisle, Assistant Surgeon 96th Regiment and Perth Medical Officer [WO97-2323-007].
Regimental Courts Martial Convicted of Desertion 15 Nov 1834 to 19 Nov 1834 (five days).  His desertion and conviction record is diffiult to interpret (see Sidebar)[WO97-2323-007] and [WO12-9622-189].  These records may explain his difficulty in obtaining a pension on discharge.
District Courts Martial None.
General Courts Martial None.
Arrival Australia: Ship and Date
Arrival Western Australia: Ship and Date Java 27 Feb 1847 from Hobart, embarked 27 Jan 1847 [WO12-9620-334].
Military Postings within Western Australia Perth HQ 27 Feb 1847 [WO12-9620].
Rottnest 1 Mar 1847 to 30 Nov 1848.
Perth HQ 1 Dec 1848 to 15 May 1849 [deduced as WO12-9624 Musters are not extant in WA].
Perth HQ 16 May 1849 to 31 Aug 1851 furlough and attached to 99th Regiment until final discharge.
Courts Martial in Western Australia None.
Discharge Date and Place 15 May 1849 Perth, Western Australia – conditional  [WO28-266-101].
31 Aug 1851 Perth, Western Australia – final [WO28-266-135].
Age at Discharge 43 years.
Length of Service 14 years 9 days.
Chelsea Pension Reference WO97-2323-007.
Pension District Perth, Western Australia.
Pension Amount See Additional Details below.

Letter written by John Bogue’s son, John Joseph, to the Daily News a few days after his father’s death.

Early on Saturday morning last the demise took place, at an advanced age, of Mr. John Bogue, a well-known old resident of the city. At about six o’clock the previous evening he was dissuaded from taking a walk down town by his wife and family, and ultimately retired to rest. At about 10 o’clock one of his daughters hearing him call immediately arose, and, noticing his condition, sent for the Rev. Fr. Kelly, who remained for some time attending to his spiritual wants. Gradually sinking he passed away peacefully about 3 o’clock on Saturday morning, surrounded by several members of his family.

The late Mr. Bogue joined the 96th (Manchester) Regiment in 1824, and served with it in England, Ireland, and Canada. Returning from North America he again proceeded with the 96th, in 1842, to Tasmania, from whence he came to this colony on detachment, under Captain Bush, in H.M.S. Sulphur, in 1846 or 1847*. On the detachment proceeding to India to rejoin the regiment, he was invalided, and for a while was attached to the Company of the 99th Regiment which relieved the 96th here, and was discharged in 1849. Strange to say, though his character was marked ” good ” on his discharge, he was most cruelly treated by being deprived of his pension for upwards of forty years— the fault he always attributed to the local military authorities. He made several appeals to the War Office, but in vain. However, sometime since Mr. Horgan took his case in hand, placing it in the hands of Mr. Arthur O’Connor, M.P., a gentleman who we understand for some years held a position in the War Office. As a result of his efforts only a short time since news was received from the War Office by Mr. Horgan, to the effect that a pension of one shilling per diem would be granted to Mr. Bogue, with no back allowance. This however, not being satisfactory, and Mr. Bogue having an undoubted right to his pension from the date of his discharge, Mr. Horgan is again in communication with the War Office claiming the back pension, and it is to be hoped he will be successful, if only for the sake of his aged widow and family.
WA Record 24 July 1890, p. 6.
:  There are some inaccuracies in this article about how and when Bogue arrived in Western Australia.