NAME Thomas BAILEYName variations: Bailley, Baily
Birth Date and Place1819 Uffington, Berkshire, England [WO12-9819-160].
Baptism Date and Place
Marriage Date and Place1849 Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reb. 284].
SpouseSusannah Adelaide POMEROY [WABDM Reg. 284].
ChildrenSusannah b.1852 York, Western Australia [ERIC p.105].
Emily Sarah b.1852 York, Western Australia [WABDM Reg. 2466].
OccupationsShepherd [WO12-9819-160].
Police Constable, York 9 Dec 1851 [Govt Gazette].
Police Sergeant, York 22 Dec 1853 to 4 Aug 1861 [WASRO CSO 275 & 114/147 ].
Special Constable and Bailiff, York [Bentley, M].
District Constable, York 19 Mar 1869 to 30 Apr 1874 [Bentley, M].
Collector, Perth Town Council [ERIC p.105].
Land Acquisition in WAYork Town Lots [ERIC p.105].
Death Date and Place16 Jun 1885 Wellington Street, Perth, Western Australia [WABDM Reg.13250].
Cause of Death: Burst blood vessels [EPCEM].
Adjourned Inquest 29 Jun 1885 Police Courthouse, Perth, Western Australia [TROVE].
Burial Date and Place17 Jun 1885 East Perth Cemetery, Western Australia [EPCEM].
Death, Funeral, Obituary NoticesWest Australian 17, 18, 19, 20  Jun 1885.
Will and ProbateWill: 28 Nov 1874. Probate: 25 Jun 1885. Supreme Court of Western Australia.
[WASRO Cons 3403-1885-749].

Arrival Australia State: Ship and Date

Regiment96th Regiment of Foot 1 Jun 1849 transferred to
99th (Lanarkshire) Regiment [WO12-9813-5].
Soldier No. and Rank#1845 (96th). #2443 (99th).
Attestation Date and Place23 Feb 1843 [WO12-9819-160].
Medals, Clasps and BadgesGood Conduct Badge 1d. per diem from 27 Feb 1848 [WO12-9622-82].
Good Conduct Badge 2d. per diem from 27 Feb 1853 [WO12-9817-214].
Arrival Western Australia: Ship and DateJava 26 Feb 1847 from Hobart, embarked 27 Jan 1847 [WO12-9620-334].
Military Postings within Western AustraliaBunbury 26 Feb 1847 to 30 Jun 1848 [WO12-9622].
On Guard 1 Jul 1848.
Perth HQ 1 Aug to 31 Oct 1848.
On Command 1 to 30 Nov 1848.
Kojonup 1 Dec 1848 to 30 Mar 1849.
Kojonup 1 Apr to 30 May 1849 [deduced as WO12-9624 Musters are not extant in WA].
Transferred to 99th Regiment
York 1 Jun 1849 to 31 Aug 1854 [WO12-9813-5].
Perth HQ 1 to 30 Sep 1854, when discharged [WO12-9819-160].
Courts Martial in Western AustraliaNone.
Discharge Date and Place30 Sep 1854 Perth, Western Australia [WO12-9819-160].
Discharged at his own request receiving a gratuity of 3 months pay agreebly by conditions stated at Page 223 of the Royal Warrant dated 1st July 1848 [WO12-9819-160].
Age at Dischargec. 33 years [deduced].
Length of Service11 years 7 months [deduced].