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British Army Riflemen of the 60th and 95th Regiments, 1812. Joseph C Stadler, after Charles Hamilton Smith’s ‘Costumes of the Army of the British Empire’.


Chapter One of THE OVERSEERS is Here

Chapter Two is now Here


Updated 21 Apr 2024 The Overseers, Chapter Two (new anecdote page).
Updated 10 Mar 2024 The Overseers, Chapter One (new anecdote page).
Updated 3 Mar 2024 Edmund Ashworth, 96th Regiment (additional information for children and occupations).
Updated 21 Feb 2024 John Shore, 39th Regiment (burial details).
Updated 5 Feb 2024 Thomas and William Wood – Parallel Lives (new anecdote page).

Website launched on 10th June 2019.
Minor design changes 13th April 2022.