Redcoat Arrivals


HMS Sulphur – this model. by Craig Mitchell, took first place in the “Sailing Ships” category at the Melbourne Model Expo 2005
Colonial Brig Amity
HMS Sulphur Specifications
Name of ShipArrival DateFrom WhereRegiment#O#NCO#OR
Amity26 Dec 1826Sydney39th1118
Success2 Apr 1827Sydney39th100
Governor Phillips6 Dec 1828Sydney39th100
Sulphur8 Jun 1829England63rd5250
Marquis of Anglesea24 Aug 1829England63rd019
Governor Phillips3 Dec 1829Sydney – not verified39th100
Wanstead30 Jan 1830England63rd100
Eliza8 May 1830Hobart63rd100
Orelia12 Nov 1830Hobart63rd001
Isabella27 Feb 1831Hobart63rd1120
Jane9 Sep 1833Hobart21st74120
Caroline25 Feb 1835Hobart21st027
Sir John Rae Reid9 Jul 1835Hobart21st208
Maria26 Mar 1836Launceston via Port Philip21st101
Runnymede8 to 25 Jun 1840Hobart51st76132
Eudora22 Nov 1841Hobart51st202
Champion5 Jul 1843Sydney and Launceston51st2120
Champion27 Nov 1844Hobart51st2017
Java14-24 Feb 1847Hobart96th45102
John Bagshaw18 Jan 1849Hobart via Adelaide, South Australia96th101
Ratcliffe5 Apr 1849Hobart via Adelaide, South Australia99th3599
Ratcliffe9 May 1849Hobart99th100
Champion26 Oct 1849Adelaide99th001
Emma Sherrat3 Mar 1850Adelaide99th001
Hector21 Feb 1852Hobart99th100
Shanghai8 May 1853SingaporeRE100
Windsor7 Feb 1856Hobart12th3482
Emeu23 Mar 1859Melbourne12th101
Benares24 Jun 1859Sydney12th111
City of Sydney30 Sep 1862Sydney via Albany12th100
Virago4 Jun 1868Hobart14th48160
Albert Victor12 Jun 1868Hobart14th205