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Anecdotes has become a set of pages for Redcoats who did not settle in Western Australia, but nonetheless have a story to tell.  In this case the father did not settle, but brought to the Swan River Colony a son who did.  Julius Delmage came with the 21st Regiment and left for India with it … but his son Jacob stayed and made a life for himself.  The story (with some edits and illustrations by Diane Oldman) is here as told by his descendant,

Sandra Rose, Guest Writer


Julius Dulmage was born in Adair (Adare), Co. Limerick, Ireland in 1798 [WO97-0411-58]. He was a descendant of Johannes Delmotsch, an emigrant from the Rhine Palatinate, resettled in Co. Limerick by Queen Anne in 1709.  The wealthy English landholders were keen to reduce some of the influence of the Catholic faith by introducing Protestants.  Many moved on further to North America, but there are descendants of Johannes in Ireland still today.  The name has been variously spelt as Dulmage, Delmage, Delmege, Dolmage, amongst others.

Julius joined the 21st Regiment of Foot (Royal North British Fuzileers) [Brereton] on 11 Dec 1820 as Private #168. He was promoted from Private to Corporal on 24 Sep 1831 and then to Sergeant on 1 Jan 1841.  He was discharged after 22 years and 343 days for medical reasons – chronic rheumatism and debility.  Upon discharge his character was described as that of “an exceedingly good soldier”.

According to his service record he served abroad for 13 years, five years in the West Indies, six in Van Diemen’s Land, and two in the East Indies.  He arrived in the Swan River Colony on Jane from Hobart on 9 Sep 1833 and served in the Colony until he emarked on Runnymede for Calcutta on 12 Jul 1840. Julius was detached at various military posts around the Colony and was involved in the Battle of Pinjarra.  Click here for a list of military postings.

While Julius was in the Swan River Colony, he and his second wife Margaret (nee Farmer) had three children born in the Colony: John (10 Feb 1835), Elizabeth (17 Jun 1837) and George (12 Sep 1839).  Jacob, born 1820,  Julius’ son by his first wife, came to the Colony at the age of 13 and spent some time at school but most of his time was spent working in various jobs in the Colony.

Julius, Margaret and their three children departed the Swan River Colony for Calcutta, India on Runnymede on 23 July 1840.  Jacob was already apprenticed to George Lazenby, a carpenter.  It is believed there was no further contact between Julius and Jacob.

Medical Report for Julius Delmage

Julius returned to England from Calcutta in 1843, arriving at Gravesend on 7th October. Within a little over two weeks he was having his final medical at Chatham and was discharged on 17 Nov 1843 with a pension of 1/8d. per day, with the intention of living in Adare, Limerick [WO97-0411-58].

By April 1861 he and his third wife Matilda and their three children born in Ireland had moved to her birthplace, Macclesfield, Cheshire [RG9 2581]. He is recorded with the occupation of nail maker.  Julius died at George Street West, Macclesfield on 4 Apr 1865 aged 66 of a diseased ankle [GRO Q2 8a 76].  Click to enlarge all images.


Jacob Delmage 1820 – 1910

We are lucky to have Jacob’s account of his life [Life History of Jacob Delmage].

Jacob and Lucy Delmage
courtesy, Sandra Rose

He was a very industrious  young man, by trade a carpenter, heavily involved in early farming and agriculture mainly in the Northam area.  He married Lucy Tapper who had arrived with her parents and brothers on the Rockingham in May 1830, and together they had eight children and 25 grandchlldren.  He died on 21 May 1910 at the age of 90 and was buried in the Northam Cemetery.

Click here for his full obituary.

He was an Irishman by birth and was full of the national characteristics of humour and kindliness.  He was a total abstainer, a great worker, and a man full of enterprise … He was one of the first trustees of the Northam Mechanics’ Institute and one of the founders of the Northam Race Club.



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