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Let’s Build Up Some Redcoats’ Anecdotes …

Please feel free to send me some of your own anecdotes/stories.  Subject to suitability and possible editing, we can start a collection!
I will get the ball rolling ….

John Dalton – Almost a Settler

Buffalo – a Chequered Career

Father and Son

‘Lost’ NZ Medal Roll of 96th Regiment

A Military Outrage

Young Buck of the 96th: a smuggler’s heir

The Eureka Disturbances

Fremantle Gaol 1831 to 1855: A Bright Future

A Very Good Soldier, all but forgotten

The Other Captain Henderson

A 96th Regiment ‘Dinky-di’

A Cholera ‘Cover-Up’?

A Taste for Adventure

William Hill – a Man of Many Ships

Meddling in Medals

Thomas and William Wood – Parallel Lives

The Overseers, Chapter One

The Overseers, Chapter Two